• Model SR-FSJ/Y-40II/150II


    This machine can be equipped with various professional pumps to pack all kinds of sauce/liquid products in pharmaceutical, food, health care products and daily chemicals industries, such as honey, ketchup, seasoning sauce, chilli sauce, juice liquid, as well as shampoo, hand sanitizer, etc.

    The process of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting can be done automatically.

    Packing materials: heat-sealable Iamination, such as PET/VMPET/PE, PET/PE, NYLON/PE, etc.


    1. SS304 cover, meet GMP standard, obtain CE certificate.

    2. Adopt servo motor + Panasonic PLC  + touch screen controlling system, enable easy operation and convenient adjustment of bag size and filling range. 

    3. Optional double jacket hopper can keep filling temperature of liquid product at 90, suitable for hot filling product.

    4. Optional mixer inside the hopper can achieve anti-sedimentation, help fill evenly and smoothly.

    5. Unique filling suction device, avoid leakage, make sure bags tight and neat.

    6. For high temperature and high humidity area, special coating treatment on the machine can effentively avoid the inner parts of machine rusting and increase wear resistance and lifespan of machine.

    7. Packing effect can be enhanced while monitoring the sealing method (hermetic line works with crossway sealing), achieve anti-leakage, extend expiry date.

  • Model SR-FSJ-300/1500


    It is suitable for automatical packaging of viscous and non-viscous sauce or liquid products such as tomato sauce, honey, lotion, shampoo, whisky, oil, etc. 

    The integrated process of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and embossing coding can be done automatically.


    1. All SS04 stainless steel cover meets to international GMP standard.

    2. Automatic adjustment of filling range and packing speed.

    3. Adopt various professional pumps to meet different product features for accurate filling without leakage, or dripping. 

    4. Easy washing design guarantees daily cleaning can be done conveniently and quickly.

    5. The special design for longitudinal sealing with close sealing line can make sure sealing area strong with no jam and prolong the valid time of product.

    6. Adopt intelligent photocell for automatic tracking; make sure the pattern complete and beautiful.

    7. Bag type can be 3 sides sealing, 4 sides sealing and pillow shape bag or special bottleneck sealing.

    8. Optional no packing alarm system, when the packing material is used out, machine can stop automatically and help user to save product.

    9. Date printer can be equipped to print the production date, valid date and batch number on packing material or can choose free hot pressing coding.

  • Model SR-FSJ/Y-400/500/620/800


    It's widely used in food, daily chemicals industries for accurate packing of shampoo, detergent, oil, etc.


    1. This machine can automatically complete all packaging process: feeding, measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, etc.

    2. Adopts different measuring system according to customers' materials, such as volumetric cups for washing powder, four head scales for beans, 10 heads scales for potato chips, etc.

    3. PLC + touch screen control system with human-machine interface, simple and direct-viewing in operation.

    4. Professional motion control system and high speed processing system make sure high speed and stable running status.

    5. Protective treatment of the product like valve or nitrogen gas flushing system available - protecting the product from unfavorable influence of oxygen.

    6. Finished product conveyor is optional to pick up finished bags and avoid broken bags.

  • Model SR-FSJ/Y-300T


    This machine is widely used for packing sauce or liquid product in food, health-care, and pharmaceutical product industries, such as chocolate paste, ketchup, honey, fruit juice, syrup, etc. also used for packing daily chemicals, such as hand sanitizer gel, shampoo etc.

    It can realize automatic measuring, bag forming, filling,sealing, cutting, counting functions, and meet customer's personalized packaging requirements such as hot filling, CIP cleaning, etc.

    It's flexible to change among various exquisite bag shapes, such as bottle bag, round corners bag, Korean dotted line, etc. It aims at rapidly gaining market share for new product with pretty low cost.


    1. Panasonic PLC  with touch screen control system, intelligent operation, quick and convenient to change production parameters, such as filling range, packing speed, etc.

    2. Professional gear pump (Servo motor-controlled), U-bar pump (Servo motor-controlled), Hibar pump, assure accurate and stable filling for all kinds of liquid and sauce product, convenient to change filling range

    3. Lock design mold forming can realize two procedures at the same time: bag forming and vertical sealing, it can avoid film deviation for beautiful bag.

    4. Adopt double jacket hopper as optional according to customer's requirement, realize hot filling, the maximum filling temperature can reach 95℃.

    5. Equipped with double easy opening devices, unique easy tear notch on the vertical sealing works together with easy tear on the horizontal sealing to realize real easy opening for each bag.

    6. Two air-cooling devices can be found under vertical sealing and horizontal sealing respectively, they are used to quickly cool down the hot sealing seams to guarantee quick cutting without burrs.

    7. Mold cutter made of imported Japanese steel can provide exquisite shapes, neat and beautiful cutting without burrs; long life-span, no need to change under normal conditions in 5 years.