• GZCD-1A


    Applicable to airports, stations, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, banks, government agencies, enterprises and institutions and other places with dense personnel and large mobility.


    8 seconds rapid completion of temperature detection, body disinfection─Eliminate hidden dangers

    The whole stainless steel Seiko manufacturing, high-end atmosphere─Convenient mobile

    Infrared induction remote detection─Intelligent control

    Intelligent face recognition dynamic temperature measurement─Fast accurate

    Ultrasonic atomization, immersive 360-degree body disinfection─Safe and reliable

    The use of high-quality disinfectant for infants and adults, the effective elimination of bacteria and viruses such as oral cavity, respiratory tract, surface─Health protection

    Intelligent over-temperature alarm, no mask prompt, blacklist dangerous person setting, real-time data record statistical report generation─Precise control and prevention