• Model SR-BZDI


    It is particularly suitable for packing all types of agricultural crops, such as rice, beans, seeds, etc.

    The firm sealing avoids oxidation and mould that may affect the product due to unqualified sealing, to guarantee a longer freshness and good quality of the product.

    It adopts an international advanced technique of mechanical & electrical integration, which realizes the whole process of bag feeding, vacuuming, shaping and sealing automatically, to provide packaging bags with the utmost magnificence and perfection.


    1. Adopting the advanced microcomputer controlling system which ensures the working hours more accurate, the capacity of resisting disturbance stronger and the performance more steady.

    2. The effect of evacuation is great. The strict sealing can avoid the oxidation, mould, which raises the guarantee period largely.

    3. The advanced design of electromechanical integration reduces the labour imput and raises the production capacity.

    4. Being matched with ordinary electronic scale and disposable sealing can complete the vacuuming and shaping packing.

  • Model SR-BZDII


    This machine is suitable for packing granular and powdery materials,  such as washing powder, salt, sugar, rice, chemicals, seeds, etc.


    1. All stainless steel cover meets GMP standard.

    2. Operation controlled by micro-computer, easy to operation.

    3. Measured by electronic scale.

    4. Material feeding by double vibrant hoppers.

    5. Conveyor and sealing machine are optional.

  • Model SR-2A-2/SR-5B


    This model is designed mainly for fine powder which can easily make dust and require high-accuracy packing.

    Based on the feedback sign given by below weight sensor, this machine does measuring, two-filling, and up-down work, etc.

    It is especially suitable for filling carbon powder, dry powder of fire extinguisher, and other fine powder which needs high packing accuracy.


    1. Weight sensor is below the tray, fast filling and slow filling based on the pre-set weight, to guarantee the high packaging accuracy.

    2. Servo motor does up-down work driving with tray together, the up-down rate can be set randomly, and no dust spills out when filling.

    3. With servo motor and servo drive controlled auger, performance is stable, and with high accuracy.

    4. PLC control, touch screen display, easy to operate.

    5. With handwheel to adjust the height, easy to vary fill weight.

    6. Process: put bag/can(container) on the machine  container raise → fast filling, container declines  weight reaches the pre-set number → slow filling  weight reaches the goal number  take the container away manually.

  • Model SR-1B-321


    This machine is suitable to pack powders and fine granules, like milk powder, solid drink, white sugar, dextrose, coffee powder, fodder, pharmaceuticals, agriculture pesticide, granular additive, dyestuff, etc.

    Due to the special professional design, this type packing machine can do measuring and filling work.


    1. Machine coverd stainless steel, meets GMP standard.

    2. Adopts PLC + touch screen control, servo motor driven, easy to operate, high accurate measuring.

    3. Weight feedback and proportion track gets rid of the shortage of variable packaged weight for various proportion of different materials. 

    4. The system can record all products' parameter formulas, max 10 sets parameters.

    5. It is suitable for materials ranging from super fine powder to small granular via changing the auger accessories.

    6. Machine hopper adopts quick joint device, convenient for daily clean.

    7. Weighing system and hand wheel to adjust height of hopper.