• GZCM-1


    Applicable to airports,schools,stations,hospitals,shopping malls,hotels,restaurants,banks, government agencies,enterprises,institutions and other places with dense personnel and large mobility


    The intelligent rapid thermometry safety door is a new product for precise prevention and control epidemic. The whole machine is made of stainless steel and sprayed with plastic. Durable, high-end atmosphere, easy to move. Integrated facial recognition, infrared dynamic thermometry, voice broadcast, over-temperature warning, real-time data recording, attendance statistics report generation, hand cleaning sterilization, shoes sole cleaning disinfection and other intelligent technologies in one machine. It can quickly screen people with fever, reduce the close contact of temperature testers, effectively avoid of the risks of cross-infection, and guarantee the safety and health of life.

    Technical features:

    1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel and sprayed with plastic,high-end atmosphere ---- Easy to move.

    2. Intelligent face recognition dynamic thermometry ---- Fast and accurate.

    3. Over-temperature alarm, voice broadcast, real-time data record, attendance statistics report generation ---- Accurate prevention and control.

    4. Hand induction spray disinfection, shoe sole cleaning disinfection ---- Effective prevention.