Model SR-FSJ/Y-400/500/620/800


It's widely used in food, daily chemicals industries for accurate packing of shampoo, detergent, oil, etc.


1. This machine can automatically complete all packaging process: feeding, measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, etc.

2. Adopts different measuring system according to customers' materials, such as volumetric cups for washing powder, four head scales for beans, 10 heads scales for potato chips, etc.

3. PLC + touch screen control system with human-machine interface, simple and direct-viewing in operation.

4. Professional motion control system and high speed processing system make sure high speed and stable running status.

5. Protective treatment of the product like valve or nitrogen gas flushing system available - protecting the product from unfavorable influence of oxygen.

6. Finished product conveyor is optional to pick up finished bags and avoid broken bags.

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