Model SR-FSK-40VII


This machine is widely used in food, medicine, health-care product industries for packaging granule products, such as sugar, salt, chicken powder, instant coffee, medicines, broken tea, etc.

It can realize automatic measuring, bag forming, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, etc., and meet customer's personalized packaging requirements such as nitrogen gas flushing, dust exhausting, cooling, link bag, cartoning, etc.


1. Adopts full servo motor driving system: sealing, film pulling and cutting, each process is controlled by one separated servo motor for precise actions and high-speed, the highest packing speed can be up to 150 bags per minute.

2. Panansonic PLC with color touch screen, quick and convenient adjustment of relevant production parameters.

3. Adopts movable feeding system, which could keep product intact without damage, keep measuring accuracy and assure more convenient adjustment much simpler plus cleaning job.

4. Unique sealing system avoids bag leakage and wrinkle, guarantees sealing margin flat and neat, to present beautiful packing effect.

5. Patented sealing system, L-shape sealing design can realize vertical sealing and horizontal sealing synchronously, greatly reduce sealing time and improve packaging speed.

6. Servo motor driven sealing part can make sure sealing pattern uniform and clear, sealing area flat and beautiful, no leakage or wrinkle for good air tightness.

7. External cutter allows quick, convenient and safe adjustment of cutting position while the machine keeps running, no need to stop the machine.

8. Double cutters, can achieve chain bag ( link bag ) function, greatly reduce labor intensity in cartoning work and assure accurate bags in each carton.

Main technical parameters

                         Bag Size

           L:50-120 mm  W:40-90 mm

                      Max Capacity

                      150 bags/min

               Maximum Filling Range

                            40 ml


               220 V, 50 HZ, 3.5 KW


                           450 Kgs

                   Dimension (L*W*H)

                 1100*1000*2300 mm

  Depending on product property and filling volume

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