Model SR-FSK-300T


This machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, and health-care product industries, such as herbal concentrate granule, instant coffee, electuary, sugar,  etc. 

It can realize automatic measuring, bag forming, filling, sealing, cutting, counting functions, and meet customer's personalized packaging requirements such as nitrogen gas flushing, dust exhausting, etc.

It is specially designed for personalized and customized granule packaging, it's flexible to change among various exquisite bag shapes, such as round corner, double opening, Japanese and Korean style dotted line, etc. It aims at rapidly gaining market share for new product with pretty low cost.


1. Panasonic PLC with touch screen control system, intelligent operation, quick and convenient to change production parameters, such as filling range, packing speed, etc.

2. Adopts special measuring system, can keep granule product integrated without damage

3. Adopts lock design mold forming can avoid film deviation for beautiful bag.

4. Adopts unique side sealing can avoid hot sealing block from touching filling tube, assure fluent filling and no sticking, keep product's physical state and natural features no change so as to guarantee product's original quality.

5. Equipped with double easy opening devices, unique easy tear notch on the vertical sealing works together with easy tear on the horizontal sealing to realize real easy opening for each bag.

6. Two air-cooling devices can be found under vertical sealing and horizontal sealing respectively, they are used to quickly cool down the hot sealing seams to asssit quick cutting without burrs.

7. Mold cutter made of imported Japanese steel can provide exquisite shape, neat and beautiful cutting without burrs; long life-span, no need to change under normal conditions in 5 years.

Main technical parameters

                       Maximum Bag Size

                           L:180mm  W:50mm


                               30-60 bags/Min

                    Maximum Filling Range

                                    40 ml


                         220 V, 50 HZ, 3.5 KW

                       Air consumption

                                0.2 L/Min


                                  350 Kgs

                     Dimension (L*W*H)

                       810*1066*2622 mm

                    Packaging Material

                    Heat-sealable Lamination

   Depending on product property and filling volume

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