Model SR-FS-2012


Suitable for packing various kinds of distinct objects like biscuits, pies, chocolates, bread, instant noodles, moon-cakes, soap, industrial parts, paper boxes, etc.

Special design type for transporting film, big and easily broken products adopt bottom reel transporting film-way.


1. Dual-frequency conversion control, bag length and filling range are adjustable during operation, quick and easy to save time and film.

2. PLC and touch screen control, easy to operate.

3. Multi-function self-diagnosis system, convenient to fix according to tips on screen.

4. Adopt smart photocell for automatic tracking, which guarantees the pattern on the packing material is complete and beautiful.

5. Automatic stop work when the cutter contacts product. Film and product saving.

6. Simple drive system, working stable and reliable, low maintenance.

7. 2 meters long infeed conveyor covered with a high friction anti slip belt and with a metallic joining strip. Fast assembly/removal and cleaning.

8. Equipped with different type of conveyor to adapt to different product natures.

Main technical parameters

Product Size



Dimension ( L x W x H )


L (20-60)xW(18-36)xH(6-25)mm

160-180 bags/min


2800mm x 1230mm x 1450mm


Other Picture

Machine video