Model SR-BT-2000C


This machine is to wrap cellophane on rectangular carton/box with easy open tear tape, which is applicable for medicine, health food, cosmetics, tea and tobacco product, etc.

Packing materials: double side heat sealable BOPP film . 

With neat and beautiful outside cellophane overwrapping, the additional value of products would be enhanced, and make product occupy more market share.


1. Adopts PLC control, easy to operate, convenient to adjust the working speed, ensures working stable. 

2. The position of easy open tear tape and golden line are adjustable, easy open tear tape and customized shapes are available.

3. The mould size is adjustable, one machine can be used for packing different size cartons.

4. Sealing tight, keep the product flavor and unique taste.

5. Equipped with no package material device as option, saving product and packing film.

6. It can work with cartoning machine, as packing line.

Main technical parameters


            Packing capacity

                                 20~35 boxes/ minute

         Packing dimensions

Length(60-350)mm* Width(40-200)mm* Height(15-125)mm


                                      PVC or BOPP

        Diameter of inner hole

                                         0.75 mm


                                   0.021-0.028 mm


           Optional based on the dimensions of packing box

         Sealing Temperature

                                       100-140 °C

                 Total power

                                          2.2 kW

                 Air pressure

                                         0.6 MPa


                        1846 mm x750 mm x1160 mm

           Weight of machine

                                          500 kgs

  Depending on product property and filling volume

Other Picture


Machine video