Molasses Packing Line




This is an integrated production packaging line, which is widely adopted in tobacco honey processing scope.

It can achieve complete procedure of packaging, cartoning as well as cellophane overwrapping, with high efficiency and precise packing effect.

This production line could increase your product market share with a better quality product than your competitors.


1. According to different specialty of molasses product, packing machine can adopt vertical and horizontal feeding and measuring system.

2. Equipped with easy washing system, make changing different flavors of molasses product convenient and easy.

3. We are able to provide whole line of molasses packing: pillow bag packaging - cartoning - carton cellophane - boxing - box cellophane.

4. With mixer inside the hopper, to make sure feeding even and smooth.

5. Packing speed can be increased while monitoring the sealing quality.

6. Screw feeding conveyor is an option.

Main technical parameters

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